Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed

These banners were created to display in the Babler Outdoor Education Center cafeteria building. Each vinyl banner isĀ  48″ x 36″.
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Adult Education and Literacy

Adult Education and Literacy is a department of Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed. This brochure is to promote the online high school equivalency test preparation offered to students.
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Rockwood Thunder Volleyball

Rockwood Thunder is the Rockwood School District’s competitive volleyball club. They are the top club in the Gateway Region and have over 25 teams. This is the brochure and business cards I have designed for them.
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Rockwood Swim Club

The Rockwood Swim Club is a program within the Aquatics division of the Parkway-Rockwood Community Education department. This is a small brochure designed to promote the program to potential new swimmers.
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Babler Outdoor Education Center

The Babler Outdoor Education Center is a division of the Parkway-Rockwood Community Education department. These pieces were designed to promote the programs within this division.
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